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Recent updates

Stimuli 0.5.0 Released!
Two updates in 1 week, I know crazy right!? Version 0.5.0 has been launched and it introduces lots of new features including: 1. Multiplayer: A new multiplayer...
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Version 0.4.0 Released!
Version 0.4.0 Released! I know it's been a while since I've updated this game but it's still being worked on! What was added: 1. Option for full-screen and scal...
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Version 0.3.1 Released!
Version 0.3.1 Released! In this Update, a few things were added: 1. Minor art changes/updates 2. Bug fixes, primarily with physics engine 3. A Pause menu was ad...
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Stimuli 0.2.0 Update Released!
The first update of Stimuli is now live! This update mainly consists of bug fixes, but has three main updates/additions. Player and Enemies now flash when hit...

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