Stimuli 0.2.0 Update Released!

The first update of Stimuli is now live! This update mainly consists of bug fixes, but has three main updates/additions.

  1. Player and Enemies now flash when hit:
    When the player or any of the enemies are hit by a bullet, they will now flash white. This better indicates when something, enemies in particular, are hit.
    Here’s a gif demonstrating the flash:
  2. Doors tell you whether they are locked or unlocked:
    When you walk up to a door it will let you know if it is locked(e.g. needing a key or buttons to be pressed) or unlocked.
    Here’s a photo:
  3. The jetpack makes you move faster:
    In the previous version, the jetpack only boosted your vertical speed by allowing pseudo-flight. Now, the jetpack also makes you faster when moving horizontally, such as when you are hovering across the ground.

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